MEN’s guide- the right gift for her!

Lets face it, most guys are not the best gift-givers. What to get her for Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Year, Valentines, Birthday?

MF-Maroon Crown jewel BGlayerYou may be a trendsetter, fashion enthusiast or a fashion disaster; either-way it’s your taste in gift giving – ranging often from gaudy, grandma’s fashion to ostentatious and commercial; that might be too simple or too much for her to swallow. Gifting is a skill that can be honed and mastered with time, perceptiveness and observance.

Here are a few pointers to assist you in making your gift shopping spree have a good ROI and getting you a black belt in the art of gifting.

The first duty of love is to listen!

cropped-cropped-blue1-001.jpgUltimately what you gift, will also reflect on how much you listen. The clues you will find from just listening to her are endless. Observe and analyze what she is saying; magazines she has been reading, things that are a pain-point to her. See what does she have in her Amazon, Myhabit wishlist if she has one. Pay attention to what she wears, her style, her wardrobe, brands she likes; snap a little peak at her personality.

Is she looking for a clutch, a massage, jewelry, a book, an experience or a watch? If not apt for now, you could always save ideas as a gifting-checklist in your calendar or your Evernote for a timely present in the future.

Fix: Don’t wait till 13th to buy her a gift for 14th. Listen, focus and act. You will be surprised at how many things you can pick up that can make her ecstatic. Or hints she drops down to make sure you get it right this time;)!

A trend-setter not a follower!

“Oh, I specially bought this for you, because it made a great outfit according to the sales-girl!” Uh Bad idea. Ever wondered, she might be different and would like something distinctive and picked by you. A salesgirl might lead you in to buying something uber nice, old school or of her style, either-ways we don’t share the same taste in fashion.

Similarly, everything that shines is not gold. Many of you guys make the millions spent on store displays like Harrods, Selfridges worthwhile, by going with what the mannequin’s wearing. But what’s good for the mannequin may NOT be good for your woman! You don’t want to gift something that receives a polite thank you but sits in the wardrobe eating dust for years. Think of the receiver, their style and outlook. A relevant gift you will see consumed more often.

Fix: If a salesgirl or mannequin is your best bet, use your judgement to pick from the options presented. Even if your girl doesn’t like it, chances are she will give you A for Effort. A safe bet is to ask her siblings or friends for relevant gift advice. She wouldn’t mind the extra help you snagged if she loves what you gifted her. ++

Failing to plan is planning to fail!

“The best gift you can give to someone is your time, because you’re giving them a portion of your life you will never get back.” Just like your business presentation, give some thought and time to strategize the right gift, could be minutes, hours or days depending on how well you know her. What kind of a person is she? Does she value experiences more than gifts or a bit of both? Does she like gifts being forever- something memorable and tangible? Or would she prefer spending time with you on couples massages or on a cruise. Would she love receiving a book or tickets to a popular concert or fashion show? Is she an artist, a book lover, a fashionista or an interior designer? Analyzing the kind of person she is, would tell you immensely about which section of the gift spectrum to look at to find the perfect, one-of-a-kind gift.

Fix: She could love candles, Prada, a chandelier or a balloon ride. A sneak-peak at the exterior will tell you a lot about what will pull her heartstrings on the interior. Know what excites her and you will already be a step closer to the perfect gift.


Remember the excellence of a gift lies in it’s appropriateness rather than in it’s value. 

The best gifts are not necessarily the most expensive gifts. Be creative and personal in your gifts, the thought does count here! Monogrammed chocolates, a weekend escape, cook for her, a tennis bracelet with symbolic charms or a customized photo frame. Don’t go buy an expensive crystal vase or a vintage painting for someone who values personal gifts. Buy things or experiences that are remarkably exclusive and personify her.

Fix: It’s not about how much you spent, it’s about how well you spent it! Be thoughtful, buy something unique to her, customize your gift with engravings, create something crafty that shows your time and considerateness.

IMG-20141212-WA0026Nothing says ‘I care’ like a bouquet of flowers and a personalized greeting card. Better yet if you made the card yourself. They are almost a must accompaniment with the GIFT for any special occasion and represent thoughtfulness. In general,  Roses, Lilies and Chrysanthemums are a good choice but if she is a super-flower-power girl, it’s best to know what kind will bring a glow to her face.

The best gifts come from the heart, not the store. Important dates to commemorate are no-surprises. Being attentive and proactive will not only buff your gift skills tremendously, but also your efforts and relationship will be much more appreciated. She deserves some quality time – in your thoughts and calendar- make it all about her this day!

Valentine’s Day- Love and Gifts for All!

For some its much-awaited, while for others much-dreaded. What was once a truly festive and remarkable ritual is now a stereotyped competition of many a dozen pompous love shouts (If you don’t say it, you don’t mean it!), hefty dents on wallets and a hoteliers seasons to capitalize on others’ love-stories.

I never truly understood the hype of this holiday turned in to a huge marketing mixer for brands while subjugating those who were single to hopelessness and comfort food.


Don’t get me wrong, I am a big Valentines-Day fan. I didn’t join the popular parade now because I have a Valentine; but the unexpressive-ME has always taken this day to muster my courage and shower everyone I love with expressive words, flowers, gifts or hugs(whatever is affordable;)). I choose to do it on Valentines Day since it becomes a genuine sound platform for me to tell my family, friends and loved ones, how special and amazing they are to me, and how much I love them, which I often ignore to do so in the rut of life.

Vega gold Clutch

This Valentine’s Day, let’s gift our loved ones with precious style. And no it does not have to be your romantic intimate someone only. Yes, it could be your girlfriend, your date, your wife but it could also be your mother, your sister, your friends or your aunts and grandmothers. They deserve to feel loved and cherished! If you are having a sinking feeling or forcing yourself to snag a date for Valentines, contrary to what your social circle implies about being single, you don’t have to fall for the hyped drama if you don’t want to! Do not give it importance that as of the prom where its critical for you popularity profile for you to have a date. Your smile and confidence is what makes or breaks your personal profile. And I don’t say this as a feel-good statement, but as most men would agree, confidence in women can be pretty powerful, more so than the right makeup!

For those who are single, enjoy it, guys are a handful anyway! You’ll realize it when you are married to one!

A. Appreciate yourself and your Singledom. High probability- it won’t last forever!

You don’t need someone special, you have you– and that’s plenty special to celebrate!

B. Just like the Superbowl game, Halloween- this is yet another chaotic marketing monster. However, this monster is huggable! Give it a warm embrace and make it a day well spent being happy, positive, counting your blessings, being grateful for all the loving people in your life, and sincerely appreciating their presence. Treat yourself with a massage, pedicure or a gift if you want to, but the last thing you should do is sulk for being single!

A Great Gift. Clutches of 2015!

Antique gold clutch with black and white stone embellishments.

Antique gold clutch with black and white stone embellishments.

Convenience paired with aesthetics have me completely sold on clutchbags being the ‘it’ accessory! More-so on weekends, evening dinners, parties and luncheons, I don’t need to carry my bulky branded bag with a million things loaded in it (just because the bag can hold it and I MIGHT-POSSIBLY-MAYBE need it). It’s just a brick-load on my shoulder (probably the same as my husband’s pocket when he paid for the Prada;/). The hefty weight and dire need for massages aside, stylistically as well, the bulkiness of a bag is not always the best bet on a fancy formal outfit. One Clutch, I believe– is enough accessory to travel light and bejewel my outfit.

OneClutch is a clutch-bag brand that sells vision, class and style in the form of traditional and contemporary clutch purses. It originated from the pain point of need for bags that are opulent, a must-have accessory, look elegant and fundamentally unique. With limitless quantity of branded bags, signature patterns and monogram clutches, such that the social circle is filled with people carrying the same clutch. Does being fashion-forward and stylish mean having the same, dull clutches collection filled with emblems and graphemes for festive occasions too?

20150122_044838Each piece at OneClutch is an exclusive concoction with strong traditional elements and a contemporary finesse of glitz and glamour. Intense handicraft, love and time is spent on each piece to make it rich, different and fantabulous. Just like your DNA, our clutch-DNA is unique. We produce classics. These dazzling clutches make any outfit come alive and provides the owner a distinctive feeling of uniqueness and royalty. It epitomizes luxury, travel, allure and magnetically attracts those who have a need for aesthetic glamour. Each clutch reflects a rarecollection - silver-maroon egg.crownjewel look and story within itself.

What makes these clutches absolutely rare and one-of-a-kind are the unique elements personally selected from around the world; and blended with intricate craftsmanship and traditional Kashmiri influences. The stunning synthesis of metal embellishments, stones, semi-precious gems, intricate filigree metalwork, antique bases, marble and unique materials used in the craft make each clutch a distinctive piece for every occasion- from cocktail parties to wedding festivities.

20140627_231812In today’s world of diversity and mobility, there is no major city or continent left entirely in a local flux. The back and forth of migrants, tourists and foreign workers with their values, cultural influences, expertise and innovations creates a very universal, proficient and progressive atmosphere globally. Entwining this in the clutches, the blend of east and west itself creates a story for each piece- with western elements and eastern handiwork. Personal touch is added to select and assemble myriad international materials and pernicious/semiprecious stones that would add an extraordinaire flair to the traditional designs, forms and delicate workmanship of local people. At the end, the raw materials selected add tremendous value to the creative process by ensuring the output is breathtakingly rare and remarkable. With an unprecedented standard of striking beauty, the brand manifests classicism, desirability and unparalleled quality. The online store embodies the international heritage of the brand.